Ray Yeung – Suk Suk AKA Twilight’s Kiss (2019)

Twilight’s Kiss presents the story of two closeted married men in their twilight years. One day Pak, 70, a taxi driver who refuses to retire, meets Hoi, 65, a retired single father, in a park. Despite years of societal and personal pressure, they are proud of the families they have created through hard work and determination. Yet in that brief initial encounter, something is unleashed in them which had been suppressed for so many years. As both men recall their personal histories, they also contemplate a possible future together. Inspired by an oral history of older gay men in Hong Kong, Ray Yeung’s film looks inside a closeted world rarely seen on film. Wendy Ide of Screen International praised it as “a delicate little wisp of a romance which plays out in fragile moments and shared glances.” Read More »

Todd Haynes – The Suicide (1978)

Bullied boy, left by his father, supported by a over-optimistic and naive mother, tries out life in a new school. Read More »

Teo Hernandez – Sara (1981)

Portrait of the filmmaker’s mother during her visit to Paris.

Probably not the first and certainly not the last experimental 8mm-film about an elderly person at the threshold of life and death. But Hernándes’ unique sensibility for the relation between… well… matter and spirit and the way how the one reflects the other with the help of film makes this one special. In a way Sara is already part of the cemetery where the filmmaker meets her, her life is reflected in the place where she will come to rest, but the place also comes alive in her presence. This is why we see marble statues juxtaposed with her wrinkled face. The film maps this entanglement of life and death in a hyper precise and non-sentimental way. Review by Mephisdopeles Read More »

Enrique Juárez – Ya es tiempo de violencia AKA Now is the Time for Violence (1969)

In 1969, the film director Enrique Juárez thus anonymously produced Ya es tiempo de violencia (Now is the Time for Violence), mainly concerned with the events of the May 1969 Cordobazo riots and the assassination of the trade-unionist Augusto Vandor on 30 June 1969. Other images included those of the massive funerals of Emilio Jáuregui, another trade-unionist shelled three days before Vandor’s death during a demonstration in protest of Nelson Rockefeller’s (owner of Miramax there) arrival to Argentina. Read More »

Mark Savage – Sensitive New-Age Killer (2000)

Ever since he was a boy, Paul Morris (Paul Moder) has wanted to be a hitman like his hero The Snake (Frank Bren). There’s just one catch – he only wants to kill bad guys. Now married to Helen (Helen Hopkins) and with a young daughter to provide for, Paul is now struggling to succeed in his chosen career – unaware that his trusted partner George (Kevin Hopkins) is secretly a crazed pervert who wants to get Paul killed so he can marry Helen himself. Paul’s life is also complicated by his relationship with Matty (Carolyn Bock) a policewoman who has agreed not to arrest him in exchange for regular sex. Whatever setbacks he encounters, Paul remains optimistic, convinced that his career will take off if he can only score that ‘one big hit.’ With his dreams of scoring the big hit that will make his future secure Paul must negotiate personal entanglements and the rivalry of legendary hitman “The Snake” (Frank Bren) who also has his sights set on securing the bounty. Read More »

Collectif Mohamed – Le Garage (1979)

In 1977, some teenagers from Alfortville, Vitry-sur-Seine and Val-de-Marne estates created the Collectif Mohamed and made three shorts. They wanted to produce their own images and stories, created by themself and not by other people. They wanted to investigate the projects where they lived, to produce a political speech and give substance to their own revolt. Read More »

Yuri Muraoka – Tomeina watashi AKA Transparent, I am (2021)

In the year 2020, when the world was forced to ‘change’, I wanted to confirm what changed and what did not change in me. The white mask I wore became the screen projecting my past. My family is sometimes hurt, but support me as I suffer from schizophrenia. We live today while looking for the answer to ‘Who are we?’ Read More »